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On July 7, 2015, the first brand strategic partnership summit with the theme of "Pearl cause · pearl of wealth" was grandly held in Heshan country garden five-star hotel

on July 7, 2015, the first brand strategic partnership summit with the theme of "Pearl cause · wealth pearl" was grandly held at the five-star hotel of country garden in Heshan. It was also the launching ceremony of the brand image of the new doors and windows. The whole process of the summit, which lasted for three days and two nights, was a complete success

Mr. Huang zongpei, chairman of Mingzhu Innovation Exhibition, made a speech during the meeting, reviewed the past development process of Mingzhu Innovation Exhibition, and shared the investment in Mingzhu enterprise culture and brand development; And aspire to become the leading brand of China's overall aluminum alloy doors and windows, realize the life goal of "you are a pearl" of the Pearl family, and find your own career pearl with the Pearl family with the most sincere service attitude, a high degree of brand awareness, and a clear development direction

Chairman Huang's speech

pearl creation and Exhibition originated from the Royal bedroom door in Europe. From the 17th century in Italy, the Pearl family established a professional business system from the research and development of high-grade titanium magnesium aluminum alloy doors and windows to the design, processing and sales of home furnishings, and gradually expanded its business to all parts of the world, laying the respected position of Pearl creation and exhibition in the luxury titanium magnesium aluminum alloy doors and windows industry. On May 16, 2008, Foshan mingyizhu door and window Co., Ltd. was established, with the first workshop (production workshop), covering an area of more than 20000 square meters, mainly producing and selling titanium magnesium aluminum alloy doors. On June 28, 2014, xinmingzhu Industrial Park was built by itself, with an aluminum door and window production plant of more than 80000 square meters. Mingzhu Chuangzhan titanium magnesium aluminum alloy door and window products now have medium and high-grade side hung doors, sliding doors, heavy sliding doors, large folding doors, lattice doors, casement windows, sliding windows, broken bridge windows, and sunshine rooms. It has been tested and recognized as a high-quality and qualified product by the authoritative testing organization, and the authoritative organization has rated it as: a leading brand in quality, a famous brand in China, a brand with national consumer confidence and satisfaction, a best-selling brand in China's aluminum door and window industry, and an excellent brand in Guangdong door enterprises

after the launch ceremony of the brand-new brand, pearl headquarters also announced that in order to quickly implement the brand development strategy of Pearl creation and exhibition in the future, the Pearl of the summit will work in two ways. Mr. ou, the marketing director, will explain to the dealers the practical operation of the terminal store and the business standards of the dealers, dissecting the dealers in detail from the business philosophy to the actual operation, which has been affirmed by the dealers; In 2015, the strong investment of the Pearl brand, including the support for front-line dealers, launched preferential policies one after another, and immediately sparked the on-site signing ceremony

brand launch ceremony

on site interaction

sales team morale display

general manager europe explained the practical operation of terminal stores and the business standards of dealers

this summit invited more than 300 dealers from across the country to attend. At the same time, it also invited Foshan door and window industry association, door and window vision network, star communication, Asia Pacific media, China door and window network, Tencent home, Sohu Home Sina home and other news media attended the summit, which was very lively

the next day, Wu Xuejun, a teacher from yingdao marketing group, was invited to give a wealth lecture on "ten million merchants"; Mingzhu Chuangzhan thanked the dealers all over the country for their support and trust in Mingzhu. On that night, a lottery was held to draw more than 20 guests to give 10000 yuan in cash. After giving the cash, an iPad was given. The tense and stimulating atmosphere pushed the mood of the whole audience to the climax of the whole process, making the dealers truly feel the intention and determination of Mingzhu headquarters for brand development, It also made the first brand strategic partnership summit of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows a complete success

party toast

party raffle awards

2015 is the launch of Mingzhu Chuangzhan door and window brand





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