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Bridge cutoff aluminum is also called heat insulation bridge cutoff aluminum profile, heat insulation aluminum alloy profile, bridge cutoff aluminum alloy, cold and hot bridge profile, bridge cutoff aluminum plastic composite profile. It has better properties than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles

bridge cutoff aluminum is also called heat insulation bridge cutoff aluminum profile, heat insulation aluminum alloy profile, bridge cutoff aluminum alloy, cold and hot bridge profile, bridge cutoff aluminum plastic composite profile. It has better properties than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles


do you know why it is called broken bridge aluminum

what is the origin of broken bridge aluminum

why is it called broken bridge aluminum

"bridge" in the name of "broken bridge aluminum" refers to the "cold and hot bridge" in the sense of materials science, and the word "broken" refers to action, that is, "breaking the cold and hot bridge"

specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, its heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the indoor and outdoor temperatures differ a lot, aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" to transfer heat. If such materials are made into doors and windows, its heat insulation performance is poor

bridge breaking aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle. It uses hard plastic to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy. We know that plastic heat conduction is obviously slower than metal, so heat cannot easily pass through the whole material, and the heat insulation performance of the material will be improved. This is the origin of the name "bridge breaking aluminum (alloy)"

characteristic performance of broken bridge aluminum

the principle of heat insulation bridge breaking aluminum alloy is to insert a heat insulation strip in the middle of the aluminum profile, disconnect the aluminum profile to form a bridge breaking, and effectively prevent heat conduction

the thermal conductivity of insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows is 40 ~ 70% lower than that of non insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows

what are the advantages of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Good thermal insulation. The bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows are sealed with multiple rubber strips, which are tightly closed, with excellent air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation performance

the window sash adopts hollow glass structure, which makes the window truly show excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and function, and saves a lot of heating and cooling costs. The heat transfer coefficient K is tested to be 1.8-2.3w/㎡ K, which has a significant energy-saving effect. The energy-saving cost of several years is enough to make up for the early investment

2. Waterproof function. The structural drainage system is designed based on the principle of pressure balance, the slope ladder type is designed for sliding, and the drainage outlet is set, so the drainage is smooth and the water tightness is good

3. Prevent condensation and frost. It can realize the number of sealing structures of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor chamber, successfully achieve the balance of air and water, and significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows

4. Anti theft and anti loosening devices. Equipped with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure the stability and safety of the window in use

5. Noise prevention and sound insulation. Equipped with hollow sound insulating glass, its structure has been carefully designed with tight joints. The test results show that the air sound insulation capacity reaches 30-50db, which can ensure that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway are not disturbed by noise, and adjacent to downtown can also ensure indoor tranquility and warmth

6. Windproof sand and wind pressure resistance. The inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, with strong wind pressure deformation resistance and good anti vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and civil residences, and can design large-area windows with large lighting area; The air tightness of this kind of window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, and it can ensure that the indoor windowsill and floor are dust-free in areas with heavy wind and sand

7、. High strength, invariable, maintenance free. The window has high tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation. It is strong and durable, not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali, not easy to turn yellow and fade, and almost does not need maintenance

8. Multiple colors. It can be sprayed into various colors and made into hundreds of wood grain colors. It can also be made into two different colors inside and outside, and the internal and external colors can be combined casually

9. Green building materials, circular economy. Not only will no harmful materials be produced in the production process, but all materials can be recycled and reused. It is a green building material and environmental protection product, which is in line with human sustainable development

10. Many opening forms, comfortable and durable

? There are flat open type, push-pull type, inside open type, inside inverted type, outside open type and so on, which are suitable for public buildings, residential areas and municipal projects

? High quality hardware accessories are durable (high-quality German hopo), and the operating handle is humanized design, beautiful and comfortable, convenient and flexible to open

? Each use action has been tested, and the number of fatigue tests has reached tens of thousands of times, and the sliding is easy, free and silent

? Mature and perfect door and window processing technology, high-precision program control processing center for production, stable quality

since the advent of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows,

has been favored by the majority of users with its excellent performance

and has achieved good economic and social benefits

the reason why broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows have received attention and support from all walks of life is that the product itself has huge social benefits. Through theoretical calculation, the energy saving is about 50%

after the building reaches its life cycle, doors and windows can be recycled and will not cause environmental pollution for the next generation. Therefore, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have been identified as "green and environmental protection" products, and gradually become popular in the domestic market





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