The most colorful glass bottle packaging

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Colorful glass bottle packaging

among the packaging materials for high-end cosmetics and perfume abroad, multi-color packaging and color effects of glass bottles are emerging. Manufacturers should respond to software control systems for equipment to make the packaging of products more personalized

the color can be obtained by dyeing the glass, directly putting batches of products into the furnace, or by spraying. For example, the glass bottle of pochetindustries, an Estee Lauder product, is sprayed with a seven color rainbow effect, plus ionic resin Surlyn and clear polypropylene accessories, creating a package that looks like crystal. Another example is that the package of fresh flower fragrance products under ralphlaurenfragrances is designed as a blue series. The blue glass bottle is used to show the charm of the blue sky and the exciting effect of water flow. The manufacturing materials of passenger cars are still steel, and the font is colored with strong cobalt blue color. The silver metal cover is in a classical style, symbolizing the cherished fragments of the past. Caroleenmackin, the company's vice president of global marketing, said: the packaging bottle is elegant and feminine with Bayer materials technology relying on its polyurethane and neoprene dispersion technology, which is perfectly held in the hands of women

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