The most burning power line within tens of meters

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Yingjing, Sichuan: dozens of meters of wires in the urban area were on fire, and the traffic police gave way in the face of danger At about 9:15 a.m. on January 14, a wire fire accident occurred in a road section in Yingjing County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. A witness photographed the situation at that time

according to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred at a turntable. There were many vehicles and pedestrians passing by. Fortunately, a traffic policeman was on duty here. He commanded pedestrians and vehicles to avoid the danger. Finally, the accident did not cause casualties

after the accident, the local power department quickly sent people to rush repair. According to the preliminary investigation, the accident was caused by the sharp increase of electric load caused by low temperature weather and the short circuit fault of the pipeline. (Liugang, zhuchuanxiong, guoshihao)

[: Yang Fan, Mu Nan]

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I'd like to recommend shenjilan, a defender of rural development. I can't live without Xigou. Shenjilan talks with the villagers in Xigou who pay the same price and pay the same price. When it comes to change, shenjilan, as a witness of reform and opening up, has a lot of feelings that a judge in Zhengzhou, China, created his own execution treasure. After arriving at the post, Yan Ming quickly adapted to the requirements of new posts, new posts and new tasks, in order to minimize the inability to implement and eliminate the ineffective implementation caused by the court itself


the only relocation village for poverty alleviation in Jinan: move out of the poor mountain nest for a new way of life. Wang Shanhe holds the key to his new house and laughs. Laoyu village resettlement house aerial photography


take out platform Commission increases but does not improve quality. Consumers are dissatisfied with the fact that businesses and platforms are kicking the ball at each other

China's General Administration of Customs may slow down the growth rate of China's foreign trade in 2019. When talking about the views on the trend of China's import and export in 2019, Li Kuiwen, spokesman of the General Administration of customs, said on the 14th that the external environment is still complex


[practical recruitment and practical results] an exclusive interview with Zhang Jinan, Minister of human resources and social security, CCTV news today's "practical recruitment and practical results" shows that for the Minister of human resources and social security


people commented that "entering the campus" is a mess. School is not a basket. Don't put everything in it. Such "entering the campus" activities are not an example. Tax knowledge enters the campus, eugenics and education enter the campus, and charity culture enters the school


, Kunlun station (middle) and deep ice core room. After the completion of the Kunlun station in january2009, the scientific research team built a deep ice core room in a 40 meter long, 5 meter wide and 3 meter deep snow pit dug out, and then

Xinhua News Agency became the world's largest MDI producer and service provider

Beijing mayor chenjining ensured that the social security payment burden of enterprises would not increase. The second session of the 15th Beijing Municipal People's Congress opened on the 14th. Chenjining said that in 2019, Beijing will firmly not

a major accident occurred in Shaanxi Shenmu Baiji Coal Mine in China. Relevant persons will be held accountable. On the morning of January 13, according to the arrangement of the provincial Party committee, governor liuzhongguo rushed to the scene of the Lijiagou coal mine accident of Baiji mining in Shenmu city to learn about the well


Beijing will recruit talents. Building an international talent community the second session of the 15th Beijing Municipal People's Congress opened on the 14th. China's Beijing municipal government will "live a tight life" this year. Beijing is in a critical period of reduction and development. It is expected that the fiscal revenue in 2019 will slow down significantly. In the same period, the demand for funds in all aspects will be strong, which will become the


"the school forces the removal of air conditioners installed by students themselves during their holidays." Recently, the students of Central South University of forestry science and technology questioned the plan to dismantle the air conditioner in the dormitory of the University, which aroused the concern of the Internet that Xinhua news agency will only collect and delete the newly appeared pages and changed pages in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to often check the heating part in production to remove the pages that no longer exist

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