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"Cold water" poured on the national football team at the right time. The draw with the Philippines was not the end of the day. Release date: Source: China Singapore

drew 0-0 with the Philippines in an away game, bringing the national football team that had won two consecutive games "back to before liberation". Looking back on the whole game, the national football team has an advantage in both ball possession rate and absolute goal scoring opportunities. Perhaps it was the poor ability to seize the opportunity, or it was the failure to get rid of the impact of the adverse conditions on the road, and the national football team that used all its skills failed to win the opponent. Although the two points in the plan were lost, the "cold water" was poured at the right time, and the draw with the Philippines was by no means the "end"

there are a lot of "cakes", but the national football team can't eat it.

shot 35 times and shot right 14 times. This is the shooting data statistics of the national football team after the game. In contrast, the Philippines, the opponent, only shot 8 times in this game, with 4 straight shots. From the perspective of appearance, the national football team does not seem to have the expected strength, but in terms of scoring opportunities, the national football team is in an absolute advantage. Yang Xu's point grabbing shot in the first 3 minutes and Wu Lei's volley in the ninth minute, including Hao Junmin's powerful shot in stoppage time, even if we seize one of these opportunities, the situation facing the national football team will be very different from that at present

unfortunately, the national football team failed to solve the problem of insufficient ability to seize opportunities in this game. In fact, the team has already exposed this problem in the games with Maldives and Guam. However, due to the limited strength of the opponents, the praise after successive big wins overshadowed Lippi's problems mentioned more than once

in the previous two games, neither Maldives nor Guam had a big iron barrel array, which gave the national football team sufficient offensive space. It was expected that the opponent would adopt conservative tactics in the away game against the Philippines, but the defense quality was so high that it seemed to be beyond the expectation of the national football team. With the interference of some objective conditions, the international players who are lack of the ability to seize opportunities have completely fallen into a state of silence, which has also become the biggest obstacle to winning. The 3 points we should have won turned into 1 point when we set up special global business departments for these industrial markets and provided a variety of polymer product combinations. The national football team handed over the top position of the group to its next opponent, Syria

a draw with the Philippines is not the end of the world

a draw has wiped out the good situation accumulated by the national football team in the previous two consecutive games. In particular, the contrast of Syria's 5-2 away victory over the Philippines makes people feel frustrated. But football has never been a matter of arithmetic. We can calculate the win or lose only by the score of each other. Qatar drew with India at home and Saudi Arabia drew with Yemen 2-2 away from home, including England's defeat to the Czech Republic in the European preliminaries... Unpopularity is a regular factor in football. However, in view of the painful experience in the past, when the unexpected event occurs to the national football team participating in important competitions, it will quickly arouse people's sensitive nerves

four rounds have been completed in the top 40 of the world preliminary round, excluding one round that is empty. The national football team achieved 2 wins and 1 draw in 3 matches, ranking second temporarily. To ensure the safety of operators; In terms of the situation, the national football team is far from reaching the "doomsday moment"

after the away game against Syria next month, the second half of the world's top 40 preliminary round will start in March next year. At that time, the national football team will face the Maldives, the Philippines and the biggest opponent Syria at home. Judging from the schedule, the advantage of the national football team is quite obvious. If the next match remains unbeaten against Syria, then it is an acceptable result. After all, there is a huge difference between home and away matches in this qualifier

the "cold water" was poured at the right time

the successive big wins over Maldives and Guam did not seem to make the national football team members aware of the cruelty of the world preliminaries. Lippi also said after the game: "the big score victory in the first two games makes the players feel that industry experts generally believe that they can easily win the game, but in fact, the team still has to work harder to win the next victory and complete the promotion goal."

it is less than a month before the away game against Syria on November 14. Objectively, there is not much room left for Lippi to transform the team, and it may be difficult to improve the ability of the offensive side to seize opportunities for a while. However, from the perspective of ideology, the "cold water" of the draw with the Philippines was a good time. The two points lost in this battle are much less expensive than those lost on Syria, the strongest opponent in the same group

it has been more than four months since Lippi returned to China to form the new national football team. During this period, three friendly matches between the national teams and three world preliminary matches were held, and five wins and one draw were achieved. The six matches have been used to break in the lineup. After defeating the weak, for example, the team has established a certain confidence, the next thing the national football team needs to think about is how to win in key hard battles

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