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Coal machinery has stepped into the fast lane of machinery development and collectivization. Introduction: Recently, xuyaxiong, senior consultant of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, said that despite the downward trend, coal machinery enterprises have certain difficulties. However, these difficulties are temporary, and coal machinery will develop at a faster speed. In the future, the mechanization, collectivization and innovation ability of coal machinery will become the key to the development and competition of enterprises

recently, xuyaxiong, a senior consultant of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, said that despite the downward trend, coal machinery enterprises have some difficulties. However, these difficulties are temporary, and coal machinery will develop at a faster speed

in the future, coal machinery mechanization, collectivization and innovation ability will become the core content of enterprise development and competition

remarkable achievements in coal machinery

xuyaxiong said that the coal industry has made great progress, which has been the best decade for the development of the coal industry in the past 10 years, especially since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". Since 2005, China has produced a total of 2.349 billion tons of raw coal. By 2011, China has produced 3.52 billion tons of coal. In the past six years, China has produced 19.565 billion tons of coal, an average annual increase of 195 million tons. Up to now, 37 ten million level enterprises and 11 enterprises ranging from 50million to 100million have been formed nationwide. A total of 359 safe and efficient mines and 106 credit system evaluations have been established nationwide, of which 86 have obtained Grade 3A and 20 have obtained grade 2A. The national safety production situation is getting better and better, and the mortality rate has dropped to 0.564%

in addition, China has made remarkable achievements in coal machinery manufacturing. China's coal machinery has made remarkable achievements, and the gap with foreign countries is becoming smaller and smaller. Many indicators have exceeded the foreign level. It is manifested in the substantial growth of various economic indicators; By 2011, the total output value of coal machinery in China had reached 4068.51 million yuan, with an average annual growth of 13.7 billion yuan. The sales revenue reached 402.678 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 14.5 billion yuan. By the end of 2011, the country had produced 3713 shearers, 8494 roadheader, 27115 scraper conveyors, 338285 hydraulic supports and 17741 belt conveyors in the past six years

the ability of secondary independent innovation was significantly improved. The medium mining equipment with an annual output of 6million tons has been fully localized, achieving a maximum monthly output of 1.18 million tons and an annual output of 10.15 million tons. The equipment with an annual output of 10million tons has achieved significant results in a county in Shanxi, achieving a maximum daily output of 36000 tons. This set of equipment has a coal miner of 2500 kW, two scraper conveyors of 1200 kW, and a hydraulic support structure of 6.4 meters in height. It passed the technical appraisal on August 14 last year and has now been mass produced. The equipment with an annual output of 12million tons is being tested in hongliulin mine, Shaanxi Province. Except that the shearer is an imported equipment, three 1500 kW scraper conveyors are independently manufactured by Chinese enterprises. The hydraulic support structure is 7.2m high. This machine is produced by Pingdingshan Coal Machinery Factory

at present, the maximum power of domestic coal machines has reached 3000 kW, three scraper conveyors have reached 1600 kW, and the roadheader has reached 480 kW. These equipment should be tested on site soon

@b panel key function at present, the structural adjustment is further strengthened. Through joint merger and reorganization, Shijiazhuang China Coal Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Coal Group, Henan Province, Shenyang North transportation heavy industry group, Sany group, Shandong Machinery Group, Shandong mining machinery and other groups with international strength have been formed, which are absolutely transparent enterprises

in addition, the international competition of enterprises has intensified. Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. acquired the key equipment of Parsons in the UK, and then Taizhong Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully acquired Willie longway International Group, which produces kilometer drilling rigs in Australia

there are also a number of excellent enterprises that have entered the capital market. Since 2009, Sany Heavy equipment, international coal machinery and Lin anti-bacterial efficacy can reach more than 98% of Zhouzhong machinery, Shandong mining machinery and Shijiazhuang China coal equipment have been listed at home and abroad

flame retardant ABS and hips are widely used to meet the performance requirements of household electrical appliances on flame retardant and fire prevention. Xuyaxiong believes that there are four problems in the coal machinery industry. First, high-end products still need to be imported, including 10 million tons of coal washing plants, 20 million tons of open-pit mines and large hoists; Second, China's coal machinery industry is large but not strong; Third, the mechanical degree of small and medium-sized coal mines is low, especially the mining of thin coal seams; Fourth, the mechanization degree of tunneling is low, only 36% so far, mainly because the core technology is not well mastered

he believes that these old and difficult problems are mainly due to our relatively backward inspection methods, insufficient processing equipment, the need to vigorously strengthen the technical material industry, the lack of a fundamental solution to the core technology, and the need to strengthen the design concept. Although the industry is not strong, the competition is disorderly. As a result, key technologies have not been well broken through

he believes that localization is the only way for the development of coal machinery. There is still a gap between domestic products and foreign well-known brands. For example, the imported products of coal producers can operate 10million tons continuously, and our coal producers should stop and fight. However, the after-sales service of foreign equipment is difficult to meet the expected requirements, and the supply of accessories is expensive. Therefore, we should accelerate the pace of localization

in addition, reform and innovation are the prospects for the development of coal machinery in China. Many enterprises are developing rapidly. Only through reform and innovation can they achieve development. For example, after joint merger and reorganization, China Coal Equipment Group Corporation has formed a complete supply of one product for one product

in 2000, the original output value of zhengmeiji was only 100million yuan, and the output value reached 7billion yuan last year after 8 months of wages owed to employees. Their high-end hydraulic supports were fully localized

northern communications heavy industry was only a small factory 30 years ago, with an output value of more than 3 billion yuan in the past 30 years. Since the coal machine manufacturing entered the industry in 2004, a full set of supply scheme with roadheader as the main body has been formed

the reason why these enterprises can develop is that they have a good leadership team and a hard-working research team

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