The most burning responsibility different new year

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On the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, the sun after the snow was especially bright. Xuhe, the head of the whole machine coating section of the road machine manufacturing center of the road machinery business department of XCMG, sighed with relief at the white snow in the distance. The 12 day "steel Mantis" batch large-scale single battle was successfully completed. 102 employees working on the front line of "white + black" and "early + middle" could spend the new year at ease

"steel Mantis"

on January 22, the coating section of the branch plant received an instruction. Due to the slow supply of materials and the preparation for the market increment in the coming year, the batch orders of more than 50 sets dominated by "steel Mantis" need to be delivered in advance. According to the reverse arrangement plan, only about 10 days' work cycle is left for the coating operation, while according to the normal daily output of 2 sets, it takes 29.5 days to complete. The task quantity remains unchanged! The coating time cycle is shortened by 3 times! The appearance quality must not be discounted

Under the coordination of the manufacturing center, 37 painters from the paver branch, the roller branch and the sheet metal branch quickly formed a "joint team". From 8:00 a.m. to the early morning, they were able to attack 13 sets a day. It is still difficult to meet the task progress. In a hurry, the paver branch decided to urgently support 65 employees to fight with the painting team

on the eve of the World War II, we conducted all-round resource allocation in view of the severe production situation and organized pre war mobilization: the task is in front of us and on our shoulders! The time has come to test Xu workers. Xu workers want to "challenge the impossible" and complete the painting task before the Spring Festival with one mind, one passion and a sober spirit

the battle curtain of worker Xu

who was not afraid of tiredness was opened. The original 37 painters painted normally during the day. After completing the assembly task of the day, 65 employees who were subsequently supported also devoted themselves to the auxiliary operation of painting. Everyone worked in a coordinated and orderly manner according to the drawings, processes and standards. They worked hard until 1:00 a.m

"Hey, I may go back later today. You can count the maximum value, minimum value, uniformity value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation of the same group of samples"

"don't wait for me for dinner"...

these simple and simple words are the most common communication in the workshop

give full play to the spirit of "Xu worker"

the temperature drops sharply in the early morning, and ordinary people don't want to stretch out their hands easily in the sub zero weather. Everyone just overcomes all kinds of difficulties, painting parts, checking problems, debugging vehicles, and give full play to "Xu worker" "Spirit. While working hard, the production team brainstormed and worked hard to improve the efficiency. Through independent innovation, the production team made new chromatic templates and adopted measures to improve the division of flow work, which greatly improved the production efficiency.

since January 22, as of February 2, the paver branch has worked hard to ensure quality and quantity, and completed 472 sets of chromatic tasks (only" steel Mantis " The appearance of the product needs 3 chromatic processes, and there are other products on site). At the peak, 60 sets of chromatic processes were completed in a single day, which has set a new historical record again

success doesn't have to be mine. Success must be mine. Complete the task and deliver it successfully. 1. Equipment name: the next process of the microcomputer controlled low-temperature full-automatic impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory. Everyone was relieved. Zhangfazhi, leader of the Party group for mainframe painting, said: "how to reflect the progressiveness of a party member? It depends on whether they can stand up at the critical moment and whether they can take the risk at the critical moment. The 11 party members of mainframe painting rushed to the front in the difficult moment, always led their colleagues to challenge the limit with a high spirit, and gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members!"

Xu He, the head of the painting section of the whole machine, has been in a high-pressure state for 12 consecutive days. His eyes are full of blood. His dark circles are particularly obvious, but his spirit is very good, He said: "thank you very much for your hard work! What I am most proud of in this tough battle is that 30 brothers and sisters in our main engine coating section have been working hard for more than 16 hours a day for 12 consecutive days. No one asked for leave. They all took the initiative to complete the task with full load. I am proud that I can lead a team that can fight a hard battle!"

this surprise operation has condensed the team morale and improved the work efficiency. It is a successful military training for the decisive battle in 2019. All cadres and workers will pay close attention to the tasks with first-class execution, courage to cut through difficulties, perseverance and resolute style, and can clearly see the mental state of the internal organization when they open it with "heart, emotion, effort and strength", The outstanding pursuit of "think, do, do well and better" strives to depict the magnificent picture of XCMG's high development

when thousands of lights light up the most beautiful winter night in the city

when the snow is flying over the silence of the night

when you get together with your family and have a good time with your friends

Xu workers on the road of struggle

interpret and play with perseverance and hard work

they stick to their posts and strive to overcome difficulties

work hard and have no regrets

to pay for their struggle and have a good time together heart happy year

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