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Clean, simple and highly automated Pepsi beverage filling

the highly automated and maintenance free Pepsi New Valley factory has shown people the model of the future beverage filling factory

this new Valley plant of PepsiCo filling group (PBG) is located in the city of Westview, Virginia, USA, and is famous for its high degree of cleanliness, automation and operational efficiency. This also allows people to see the model of the future beverage filling plant. Today, I'd like to introduce a plane nest coil spring fatigue testing machine produced by Shandong Sida high-tech.

the sanitary technology adopted by Pepsi New Valley factory has raised the cleaning work of the factory to a new level. Tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. Gary wandschneider, executive vice president of global operations of PepsiCo filling group, said: "our factory has a central computer system, which will automatically generate disinfection and cleaning solutions according to the needs of time and place to clean the interior and exterior of the filling machine."

gary wandschneider said, "we have also strategically set up multiple cleaning stations in the production area of the factory to clean specific areas according to needs. This can save time and manpower, so as to achieve a high degree of continuity of production." Thanks to the special texture of the shell of the filling line, its exterior is maintenance free

in order to help employees maintain and monitor equipment, PepsiCo filling company adopts a computer system to control all equipment. The employees of the factory can obtain the information of each equipment when phase 2 is currently in progress. Gary wandschneider said. "Each workstation has a touch screen that provides technicians with special information about the needs of each device. This high technology improves the efficiency of the production line and reduces the downtime caused by diagnosis in the event of accidents."

although PepsiCo filling group has no plans to expand the new Valley plant for the time being, the plant is designed to be scalable. Gary wandschneider said: "according to the design, the factory can add two production lines without expansion, and it is very easy to expand the plant." He added, "PepsiCo filling group has always planned to make the new Valley factory produce more new products, so it is very important for us to have the ability to expand the factory."

New Valley factory has customers in 11 states in the United States, and is responsible for filling several brands of Pepsi beverages, especially Pepsi Cola, diet coke, Riptide, Sierra mist citric acid beverage and Aquafina mineral water

the new Valley factory now has two pet filling production lines, an aluminum can production line and a bag in box production line (for food customers) to fill 12 ounce to 2 liter PET bottles, 12 ounce cans and 3 gallon and 5 gallon bag in box products

the speed of small pet bottle filling line is 1200 bottles per minute. The filling machine of this production line adopts volumetric filling to maintain the consistency of filling; The large PET bottle production line can fill 350 bottles with a capacity of 2 liters per minute; The speed of the can line is 1200 cans/min, and the speed of the bag in box line is 3600 gallons of syrup per hour

with these four production lines, the new Valley factory has the capacity and flexibility to meet the various needs of customers. In addition, through just in time ordering and delivery, customers of new Valley factory can also save more time and supply chain costs. With just in time production, customers can accurately obtain their own goods at the time and place they need

the four palletizing production lines of the new Valley factory are 100% fully automated and do not require any human intervention. The unloading of empty containers is also fully automatic. The factory adopts Alvey robotic palletizer and lanfranchi robotic destacker provided by FKI logistex company

the cartoning machine adopts the kisters cluster packaging cartoning machine provided by KHS company, which can be programmed to produce many kinds of cluster packaging formats. At the same time, the kisters cartoning machine is highly automated, and its only manual operation is to fill the cartoning machine with cardboard

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