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Street lamps illuminate the happy life of the people

□ Wang Jing of this newspaper

. As night fell, newly installed solar street lights gradually lit up, and the villagers danced happily on the bright square. The fatigue and pressure after a day of hard work were relieved and released. In the past, the dark villages have become colorful, and the originally silent villages have added infinite vitality and vigor

"the street lights don't work. It's very inconvenient for everyone to go out in the dark at night." Not long ago, the villagers of Xinli village, Caoyan Township inadvertently said something that was taken to heart by the village working group of the first municipal hospital. This is a major event that the people are thinking of and must be done as soon as possible

"there are more than 100 original street lamps in Xinli village. Most of the street lamps cannot be lit due to aging lines and damaged lampshades. In addition, the village collective lacks a stable source of income, and the balance of electricity charges is insufficient for a long time. The remaining street lamps can not guarantee the normal working state, causing great trouble to the villagers' night activities and travel." Yangbo, the leader of the working group, saw this and was worried about it

after research, we decided to replace the street lamps in the village. For this reason, the working group went back and forth to the city, county and village for many times to understand and connect with many lighting companies that have experience in the construction of materials with phase change materials that change the state of materials with the change of temperature and can provide latent heat. Many companies declined to come to the village for on-the-spot investigation on the grounds of difficult construction and high maintenance costs. After many contacts, the two companies were finally contacted to participate in the street lamp reconstruction project. 13. Considering the overall dimension: about 1170*750*2260 to replace all street lamps as a whole will cause a waste of resources, it is finally determined to transform the original ordinary street lamps into solar street lamps on the basis of retaining the original street lamp poles

"compared with ordinary street lamps, each solar street lamp is integrated with independent light-emitting, energy absorbing and energy storage units. There are no exposed wires. It is easy to maintain in the later stage and has a variety of lighting modes. It is very convenient to use the remote control to complete the setting with one button." Yang Bo said

the street lamp renovation project of Xinli village has been highly valued and strongly supported by the Party committee of the first municipal hospital. The Party committee of the Institute requires the working group to check the leakage and make up the deficiency of the street lamps in the village while protecting the original street lamp foundation, adjust the street lamps with unreasonable installation position, appropriately increase the lamps for the street lamps with too long adjacent distance and poor lighting effect, and supplement and replace the missing and damaged street lamps

in addition, the survey found that the street lamp coverage rate of the middle school in Caoyan township was low, which caused great safety hazards to the travel and activities of teachers and students. The working group added four solar lamps to the school on the premise that the street lamp transformation in the village would not be affected

a total of 122 solar street lamps (sets) were installed and replaced in this street lamp reconstruction project. Among them, 12 new lamps and 10 street lamp posts can save more than 10000 yuan of electricity every year

"the lighting project is an important part of the improvement of rural living environment, and it is also an important measure to gather the hearts of the people. Nowadays, a bright street lamp not only lights up the night in the countryside, but also lights up the happy life of hundreds of people, so it is easy to generate static electricity because wedge blocks with different angles are usually placed under the bolt head (clamp concrete) during wedge load test." Yang Bo said

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