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Brilliant plumbing group won another 6 Red Star Awards, leading the trend of innovative bathroom design. On December 12, the 2014 China Design Red Star Award was held in Beijing. As a design award for reviewing and looking forward to China's society, industry and economy, the Red Star Award has always influenced people's cognition and behavior of design with a clear attitude. This year, a total of 6037 products from 1561 enterprises participated in the evaluation

on December 12, the 2014 China design red star award awarding ceremony was held in Beijing. As a design award for reviewing and looking forward to China's society, industry and economy, the Red Star Award has always influenced people's cognition and behavior of design with a clear attitude. This year, a total of 6037 products from 1561 enterprises participated in the evaluation. On September 25, in the final evaluation of the Red Star Award, 11 experts from the United States, Britain, Portugal and China reviewed the products shortlisted in the final evaluation with professional vision, strict standards and broad vision. The national plumbing industry has won a total of 12 Red Star Awards. Brilliant plumbing group stands out among many brands and owns 6 Awards. Its selected non cistern toilet, civilized urinal, pull pendant, fog brush mirror, outdoor remote control faucet and Tianrenheyi washing suit have won 6 Red Star Awards, creating another brilliant legend

the Red Star Award is a certification award of the International Federation of industrial design associations, known as the "Oscar" of Chinese design. Adhering to the principle of "fairness, justice, public welfare, high level and internationalization", it employs Chinese and international famous design experts as judges, which ensures the international standard and social credibility of the award and is highly valued by the design and business circles. The works evaluated by brilliant plumbing group not only reflect the development trend of products in the bathroom industry, but also mark the significant improvement of brilliant R & D and design level

toilet without water tank

Innovation: 1 Inspired by home appliances, the design combines the fashionable elements of home appliances with the simple elements of sanitary ware, which is simple and fashionable as a whole and full of a strong sense of science and technology. 2. realize the breakthrough of multi gear energy-saving toilet without water tank

practicality: it integrates the most basic common functions for the public, discards the redundant functions of light that have forms but are not practical, and the humanized breathing lamp design gives people warm instructions, and is equipped with remote control for easy use

environmental protection: there is no water tank with multi gear intelligent water flow regulation, which saves 40% of the water resources compared with the conventional toilet. The toilet body is made of more environmentally friendly and recyclable acrylic instead of producing polluting, non recyclable and low yield ceramics

manufacturability: the body is made of acrylic, with high precision and high quality. The cover plate is made of urea formaldehyde resin with high wear resistance, which has good insulation, is not easy to deform, is not afraid of scalding, and has high safety

Aesthetics: the simple basic shape creates countless variability. The ultra-thin cover edge design makes the overall level clear, and the color is fashionable and high-grade. The two together create a lively and quiet elegance, which is the perfect embodiment of tranquility and eternity

civilized urinal

Innovation: the design inspiration comes from a small sign of the toilet forming the characteristic phrase "a small step forward, a big step forward in civilization". There is a laser projector at the bottom, which forms a red area on the ground through light projection to remind the user of the position to stand. When people come to this area, the color of time changes from red to green, indicating that you have stood in the civilized area

practicality: 1 There is a storage table on the top of the urinal, and the user can put the things on it when urinating. 2. remind the user of the best place to urinate and keep the environment clean

environmental protection: the urinal sensor is flushed for about 3 seconds before use and about 8 seconds after use. The water saving effect can reach more than 70%

manufacturability: the urinal sensor is based on the infrared sensing principle. After being sensed by the human body, it sends a signal to the pulse solenoid valve to automatically control the flushing. Within the sensing range, the urinal sensor will automatically flush

Aesthetics: the simple shape is integrated with a set of natural, rich and powerful design language, so that the operator can understand everything at the moment of contact with the product. The simple but not simple design makes the product more vitality and appeal

pull out Pendant

Innovation: this pendant adopts a retractable structure and has different functions in the state when it is deployed and when it is not deployed

practicality: when in use, the user can adjust the width of the pendant according to needs. In the single pole state, it can be changed into a multi pole by pulling. When the user feels that the expanded pendant takes up too much space, it can be returned to the original state

environmental protection: the product is recyclable, the value of the pendant is maximized, the volume is reduced, and the packaging materials are reduced accordingly

manufacturability: the application of matte surface fully considers the relationship between product, environment and people, and avoids the discomfort caused by surface reflection to users. The precise positioning technology makes the pulling and pulling free

Aesthetics: simple and modern appearance makes it look more integrated

the company promises the above warranty service

fog brush mirror

Innovation: it integrates the functions of the wiper and the bathroom mirror. After bathing, it can easily clean the water vapor on the mirror through a simple push-pull action, which solves the problem of inconvenient use of the mirror caused by the water vapor. At the same time, it also avoids the problem of water stains left on the mirror after the water vapor dries up and corrodes the mirror, making the bathroom mirror as bright as new

practicality: only one action is needed to clean the water vapor on the mirror, making the maintenance of the mirror simple and convenient

environmental protection: the structural design is reasonable, easy to maintain, and the materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable

processibility: the wooden frame is treated with waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment to make the product more durable, and the crystal smooth mirror is easy to clean

Aesthetics: simple appearance with wood grain decoration makes the product full of Nordic style; The light blue wiper adds fashion and vitality to the product

remote control quick opening faucet

Innovation: the switch of the faucet is controlled by a remote controller, which improves the flexibility of the faucet in use. You don't have to go to the faucet to turn off the water when you water the flowers with a water pipe. Just press the remote control

practicality: you no longer need to run to turn off the water, which can not only save the water resources wasted during running, but also save your working time

environmental protection: reasonably control the start and shut-down of water to reduce the waste of water resources during the operation of ordinary quick start faucets

manufacturability: the electronic structure controls the opening and flow regulation of the tap, and then uses the radio signal to control the remote mechanism

Aesthetics: the taste of pursuing dignity and fashion reflected in the product conforms to modern people's life philosophy and aesthetics. Noble and noble silver and pure and holy white, the collocation between two different colors makes the products more concise and fashionable

"harmony between man and nature" toiletries set

Innovation: the biggest innovation of this product is to integrate the disordered toiletries into a unified image with the concept of storage, which solves the problem of dirty, messy and miscellaneous toiletries, gives users a clean, comfortable and healthy toiletries space, and makes troubles go away forever

practicality: This product can be placed in two ways: wall mounted and table mounted. The wall mounted type can save space. The toiletries can be taken and placed at hand. The tree branch type can make the use of toothpaste and toothbrush more convenient. The small hook can hang small items such as bracelets and necklaces on it, which is easy to use and practical

environmental protection: first of all, this product is a combination innovation, integrating the original unrelated supplies into one platform, so as to save space and reduce the number of supplies; Secondly, this product is made of ceramic materials, which is durable, non-toxic and lead-free. The innovation environment is further optimized

manufacturability: This product uses the most basic ceramic production process for firing without increasing any process difficulty, so as to achieve the purpose of solving user problems without increasing the cost

Aesthetics: the way of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Water is the source of all things. All things are closely related to water. Toothbrushes, tooth cups and soap boxes are connected to form the form of water, which runs through it. The modeling design of this product takes the mountains, stones and tree branches of nature as the basic elements to maintain the original natural taste and make the product more perceptual and aesthetic

as early as at the 2012 China Design Red Star Award Ceremony, brilliant plumbing group won seven Red Star Awards at one time with its products such as "zunshang" integrated toilet, "golden goblet jade banquet" touch basin faucet and "Qianying" basin faucet. The concrete pressure testing machine is a frequently used testing instrument. This red star award was won, Once again witnessed the achievements of brilliant plumbing group over the years with technological innovation as the core and the proof of brilliant people's excellent innovative design ability. On the basis of independent innovation, brilliant plumbing group has continuously increased the investment in R & D funds, actively introduced advanced equipment at home and abroad, and hired industry elites to form a professional R & D team of brilliant R & D and design center. It has actively cooperated and exchanged with foreign countries, and has won the "Red Star Award", "red cotton Award", "golden hook Award", "CDA China Design Award" and other awards, It fully demonstrates the creativity of brilliant plumbing group in the field of R & D and design, and leads the new trend of innovative bathroom design. (brand Department chenwanling)

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