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Editor's note: China's construction machinery industry occupies an important position in the global counterparts. Its products have been exported to Europe and the United States and other construction machinery powers, and are moving towards a "manufacturing power" and a "manufacturing power". The trend of flattening, virtualization, networking and modularization will become more and more obvious, and the ability of enterprises to cope with external challenges with a soft body will become stronger and stronger

the operation mode of construction machinery enterprises will also be constantly innovated according to the development of science and technology and the change of environment. The trend of flattening, virtualization, networking and modularization will become more and more obvious, and the ability of enterprises to cope with external challenges with a soft body will become stronger and stronger

China's construction machinery industry occupies an important position in the global counterparts. Its products have been exported to Europe and the United States and other construction machinery powers, and are moving towards "manufacturing power" and "manufacturing power". However, compared with the international advanced level, there is still a gap in the overall level of China's construction machinery. Some products are in the position of second and third rate products in the international mainstream market; Compared with large-scale engineering machinery multinational enterprise groups, the competitiveness of China's engineering machinery enterprises is still relatively weak. In the journey to become a powerful construction machinery manufacturing country, the development situation will be more severe and the challenges will be greater. We must not stop at the top of the mountain and remain complacent. We must maintain a high spirited state of mind, strive to climb, move forward bravely, and work harder to create the future. "We should be prepared for danger in times of peace, enhance our sense of hardship, adapt to the situation, grasp the overall situation, constantly explore and blaze new trails."

at present, the situation we are facing is the globalization of economy and market, the white heat of competition, the personalization and facilitation of demand, the diversification of relevant stakeholders, and the rapid development of science and technology. This requires us to scientifically and accurately predict the future and respond quickly. Only in this way can we maintain our established advantages and catch up with and surpass the advanced

1 humanistic care and sustainable development have become the concept of scientific and technological innovation in the industry. As an extension of human ability, construction machinery has been developing together with the progress of human civilization. With the progress of science and technology in the purchase of tensile testing machines by many manufacturers, human beings' constant pursuit of quality of life and attention to dignity have put forward many new topics for the development of construction machinery. China's construction machinery industry complies with the demand, attaches importance to strengthening the combination and integration of microelectronic technology, information technology, photoelectric technology, new material technology and mechanical manufacturing technology, and promotes the research and innovation of products in diversified, intelligent, green and other fields

1.1 intellectualization and product specification extension highlight humanistic care. The application space of engineering machinery products has been gradually expanded with the increasing demand of human beings for quality of life, from the original traditional fields such as architecture, road construction, water conservancy, electricity and mining to narrow construction sites in cities, agricultural construction sites in mountainous and hilly areas, and warehouses, shipping spaces, farmhouses, gardens, horticulture Working environment of buildings and underground works, as well as large and extra large construction projects and mine development. Therefore, the construction machinery is required to gradually extend to both ends, that is, miniaturization, large-scale and extra large-scale. With the increasing number of large and extra large construction machinery products, the market demand continues to grow. They have the characteristics of long development and production cycle, high scientific and technological content and high added value. They represent the manufacturing level of construction machinery in a country or an important enterprise. At present, these products are mostly monopolized by several multinational companies in developed countries

on the other hand, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, it has become a development trend to replace human labor with mechanical operation as much as possible. In order to meet the requirements of this engineering operation environment, the demand for small and micro engineering machinery will increase rapidly. Not only are the overall dimensions of micro products subject to specific constraints, but also their appearance, color and other aspects of design increasingly reflect that when the load is kg, the crack length fluctuates greatly, resulting in the integration of the knot with nature and the environment, and highlighting the humanistic care of respecting human nature

secondly, the same product is developing from single function to multi-function and flexibility, that is, modular functional components are added on the basis of general products to realize the diversification of product functions; Or through new modular design, manufacturing and flexible combination between different modules to achieve functional diversification, the traditional classification of construction machinery products will be challenged. The engineering bulldozer shall extend to the micro, small, large and extra large ends, and develop multi-functional, multi-purpose, high-efficiency and energy-saving products and corresponding auxiliary function modules that meet the requirements of different working conditions such as wetlands, deserts and shrubs. The loader shall develop large-scale environmental protection products with large bucket capacity, large engine power, large digging force, large tipping load, large traction force and low exhaust emission, as well as one machine multi-purpose products that can be loaded, grabbed, side unloaded, lifted and have good economy

engineering excavators should extend the development of large hydraulic excavators, micro excavators, driverless hydraulic excavators, remote-controlled underwater excavators, underwater bulldozers and underwater trenching machines. Wheel crane should develop multi-functional products with advanced technology, high reliability, long service life, good construction quality and high new technology content. The informatization and intelligence of construction machinery can improve the self diagnosis and repair ability of various faults of construction machinery, reduce the labor intensity of construction personnel, and improve work efficiency and project quality. Under some special working conditions, such as high temperature, severe cold, high altitude, radiation, underwater and underground, it can replace the construction personnel for intelligent and high-quality construction. Automatic control and remote control of operating system, accurate positioning and control of construction, fault diagnosis and monitoring and other technologies will be more and more widely used in construction machinery. New construction machinery products, such as loaders, excavators, road building and maintenance machinery, forklifts, concrete mixing and transportation machinery and cranes, will continue to emerge by applying electromechanical hydraulic integration technology, electronic computer technology, monitoring and control technology and the integration technology of these technologies

1.2 the concept of sustainable development and green sustainable development has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The development of this century will rely on scientific and technological progress, save resources, care for life, improve efficiency. At present, reduce waste discharge, promote the recycling of some resources, and achieve the harmonious development of economy, society, resources and environment. The development of construction machinery is no exception. According to incomplete statistics, the annual use of steel in the construction machinery industry is 7-8 million tons, It is an industry with large consumables, and its consumption reduction space is large. The industry can achieve safe and clean production through the improvement of production facilities and production processes; Optimize and innovate product design by adopting new technologies, new processes and new materials, reduce product resource consumption and waste discharge, reduce product noise and increase the comfort of operators; Through the study of new materials and material surface engineering technology, carry out remanufacture technology and recycling technology to realize the recycling and reuse of waste engineering machinery. Only in this way can we meet the requirements of the future development of construction machinery market. The continuous development, optimization and utilization of power shift transmission design and manufacturing technology, wet brake drive axle design and manufacturing technology, slewing ring design and manufacturing technology, integrated multi-channel valve design and manufacturing technology, four wheel belt R & D and manufacturing technology, computer fault diagnosis technology, new engine energy-saving technology and other aspects will effectively reduce resource consumption, reduce waste emissions, reduce noise and improve the service life of the equipment, Improve safety and comfort during operation. 2. The diversification of enterprise investment subject and capital structure with the change of market demand, the continuous progress of science and technology, the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more business opportunities, and greater and greater risks, it is more and more difficult to seize business opportunities, identify and deal with risks, which requires construction machinery enterprises to establish a governance structure that meets the needs of enterprise development and carry out continuous innovation of systems and mechanisms

the property right system is the basis for the formation and functioning of the internal organizational system of enterprises. Different property rights systems will produce different property right incentive mechanisms, which will determine the differences in corporate governance mechanisms and their operating efficiency. The optimization of corporate governance mechanism is fundamentally subject to the optimization of property rights system. Diversified ownership structure is an important basis for good corporate governance. At present, the vast majority of domestic construction machinery enterprises have realized the diversification of investment subjects, and the diversification of capital structure is being promoted. The state-owned, private, foreign capital and other aspects of capital are reflected in construction machinery enterprises to varying degrees, and are changing to a corporate governance structure with perfect responsibilities, sound systems, reasonable structure, decentralized checks and balances, and efficient and pragmatic. However, it must be pointed out here that promoting the diversification of equity structure and establishing a good corporate governance structure is neither the foreign investment of equity nor the non foreign investment of equity at this stage. We should cherish and cherish the construction machinery industry, which is in the early stage of industrialization and has initially grown up

at present, foreign capital represented by multinational corporations has undergone profound changes in the strength, depth, breadth and goal of China's construction machinery industry. The mode of cooperation with China has changed from the early mode of license production to the mode of capital export; The proportion of Chinese and foreign investment has changed from general participation to insisting on holding or sole proprietorship; Others insist on controlling the original technology development departments of Chinese enterprises in order to fundamentally eliminate the possibility that Chinese national enterprises will compete with each other in the future; The products introduced to the Chinese market have expanded from isolated single products to complete sets of system products that restrict the whole project; From simple assembly in the past, it gradually extends to the whole process of manufacturing and processing, complete machine production, product research and development, marketing, etc

the purpose of entry is not only to occupy China's market, but also to bring China's construction machinery industry into its global industrial chain. Turning Chinese enterprises into processing plants in the global production chain of transnational corporations has neither intellectual property rights nor core technologies. By suppressing the development of domestic construction machinery enterprises and controlling well-known brands, key technologies and important markets, it will affect the development and industrial safety of China's construction machinery industry. At the same time, we should also realize that there is still a certain gap between China's engineering machinery industry and advanced countries, and learning and cooperation are still a long-term process. Therefore, in addition to the backbone enterprises, we should welcome the merger and acquisition of foreign capital or the establishment of wholly-owned enterprises under a fair policy environment, and also welcome them to establish joint ventures and cooperative enterprises, and actively strive to introduce advanced technology and management experience; For most key construction machinery enterprises, they can attract various resources, including the capital and technology of multinational companies, to promote the development and growth of enterprises in accordance with the rules of market economy without being controlled

the construction machinery industry should use foreign capital with innovative thinking, optimize the structure of foreign capital utilization, and study and implement the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries (revised in 2007) approved by the State Council and issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on october31,2007

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