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In favor of the central bank's interest rate cut, the people's Bank of China decided to lower the benchmark interest rates for RMB loans and deposits of financial institutions from may11,2015

the benchmark one-year lending rate of financial institutions was cut by 0. 25% to 5%. 1%; The benchmark interest rate for one-year deposits was cut by 0. 25 percentage points to 2. At the same time, in combination with promoting the market-oriented reform of interest rates, the upper limit of the floating range of deposit interest rates of financial institutions was changed from 1% of the benchmark deposit interest rate. 3 times to 1. 5 times; The benchmark interest rates of loans and deposits of other grades and the deposit and loan interest rates of individual housing provident funds shall be adjusted accordingly

a riddle is also set in each lantern in China. The people's Bank of China will cut interest rates on May 11 to draw a blueprint for the future development of power cells by 25 basis points. After the interest rate cut, if some companies are operating photovoltaic power plant projects that require large bank loans, it may mean that the loan interest of their companies will be reduced and the return on investment will be increased

according to the investment analyst of GCL new energy photovoltaic power station, the net profit of photovoltaic power station may increase by more than 2% after the interest rate cut. It is important for photovoltaic power stations, which is a good dependence developed during the planned economy period

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