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water soluble film

water soluble plastic packaging film, as a new green packaging material, is widely used in the packaging of various products in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, such as pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, dyes, detergents, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergents, concrete additives, photographic chemicals and gardening care chemicals

its main features are:

1 The degradation is complete, and the final products of degradation are CO2 and H2O, which can completely solve the problem of packaging waste treatment

2. It is safe and convenient to use, avoiding the user from directly contacting the packaged goods, and can be used for packaging goods harmful to human body; 3. good mechanical properties, heat sealing and high heat sealing strength; 4. with anti-counterfeiting function, it can be used as the best weapon for anti-counterfeiting of high-quality products and prolong the life cycle of high-quality products

water soluble films have been widely valued by developed countries in the world because of their environmental protection characteristics. We try to be very close to the view of 'how to make parts in actual production'. For example, Japan, the United States, France and other countries have mass produced and sold such products. For example, w in the United States collects production data through terminal big data T. P company, greensol company of France and synthetic chemical company of Japan are also some famous large companies. For example, bayet (Bayer), Henkel (Henkel requires small fixture size) and s have mastered the core manufacturing technology shell in China

in China, the water-soluble film market is rising. According to relevant statistics, China's annual demand for packaging film accounts for 20% of plastic products, about 309000 tons. Even if it accounts for 5% of the market, the annual demand will also reach 15000 tons. At present, the market price is 130000 ~ 170000 yuan/ton for American products and 200000 ~ 250000 yuan/ton for Japanese products. The sales price of domestic products is only 40% of that of the United States, with an average price of 60000 yuan/ton, so it has strong competitiveness in price. With the development and progress of society, people pay more and more attention to protecting the environment we rely on. Especially, China is about to join the WTO and connect with the developed countries in the world. The requirements for environmental protection of packaging are increasing day by day. Therefore, the application prospect of water-soluble packaging film in China must be very broad

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