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There are many kinds of solid rice flooring materials, including imported materials, domestic materials, precious Huali teak, and popular gumba bean, birch, Manchurian ash, etc. because these flooring materials are different, their prices are also very different

knowledge of wall paint: wall paint is painted on the wall. At present, all wall paint can be tinted. Wall paint is diluted with water, and some do not need to be diluted. The brushing of wall paint is generally one coat of primer and two coats of finish paint

knowledge of wood paint: wood paint is divided into oily and water-based. Oily paint is diluted with organic diluent, which is what we often call paint. Water-based paint is used as diluent, oily paint is not environmental friendly, and water-based paint is environmental friendly

what is clear water and muddy water:

clear water and mixed water refer to wood paint in home decoration. Wood paint is divided into mixed water paint and clear water paint

mixed water paint is the paint that can cover the original base course, and clear water paint is the paint that can see the original wood grain

the finish made of clear water paint can be seen to the end, showing the natural color of the material, and the natural texture is clearly visible. The texture and three-dimensional sense formed by the paint film are particularly good, and the material requirements are also relatively high. It is basically used for high-end wood decoration

muddy water paint is not, but its colorful color changes infinitely. If you choose to use it, the requirements for base course materials are not very high

clear water paint and muddy water paint contain different ingredients and refining methods. Although they can be used as finishes, they can be used in different places and have different effects; Therefore, they all have their own characteristics, depending on how the owner uses them

first, it depends on your own preferences; Second, it depends on your decoration style; Third, it depends on where you use it; It also depends on what materials you use.

in the process of decoration, people often have a headache in choosing the paint and coating in their homes. Many brands are boasting about their good, not that people in the industry are confused. I will summarize my views on several famous brand products for you, hoping to help you choose products

generally, there are a few points that everyone pays great attention to when choosing paint. I also give you a summary. I hope you can consider when choosing products

the first point is environmental protection (the most important). If the product is not environmentally friendly in such a large area of the home, you GGMs will wait to be smoked. According to a monitoring, the volatile organic compounds in the paint and wall paint will be gradually released (real detection) after one year of painting. I won't say anything about the damage of the contents. I'll check it on the Internet casually. If the product still contains excessive heavy metals, Hey, hey... How did the weasel die, you know? Smoked to death. So, the first thing to do when buying paint is to look at the quality inspection report of the product. I won't show you or don't have it?? Sorry, you can tell him: No. The most important environmental protection index for coatings is VOC content

second: color. After all, it's not easy for everyone to decorate once, and they all hope that the home is beautiful. Most of the time, the color of the wall paint chosen by GGMM is carefully selected by GGMM with half a day's effort. Once the color of the color card is sorry to come, it's too late for everyone to cry at that time. It seems that there was a mm crying about this problem just now. Please note that after the paint is painted on the wall, the visual effect will be a little deeper than the actual feeling of the color card, so when choosing the color, choose a light one

third: the effect of paint film, everyone seems to understand this problem. In the field of paint, the effect of paint film is a relatively professional problem. I will say a few points that we pay more attention to: 1. The elasticity of paint, that is to say, the greater the elasticity of the product, the less likely it is to crack after everyone finishes painting the wall. 2. The higher the washability of the paint, the greater the density of the paint film, that is, the better the effect of the paint. In addition, it is easier to clean, and any stains can be wiped off by yourself. 3. The mildew resistance of the coating, especially in the yellow plum season, is relatively easy to mold in areas where water is easy to enter, such as the inner side of the outer wall of the building, the roof, the basement and other places. 4. The stronger the covering ability of the paint, the better the wall paint can cover the stains on the base. It is suitable for second-hand decoration

the following problems are the ones that should be paid attention to during construction

1. The treatment of the base course of the wall is very critical: the base course should be leveled, there should be no oil stain (otherwise it cannot be attached), and the alkali resistant primer should be used (otherwise, too much alkali will cause damage to the paint film, pulverize the wall surface, and yellowing)

2. The use of primer: generally, the practice of the wall surface is one bottom and two sides (one primer, two finishing coats). The use of primer has several advantages, 1 A good primer is alkali resistant, which can prevent alkaline substances from penetrating the wall, ensure the quality of the wall, and extend the service life of the finish. 2. The brushing of primer can increase the brushing area of finish paint. If the finish paint is not directly brushed with primer, the brushing area will be about 20% smaller than the area brushed with primer and then brushed (see the wall treatment). Therefore, we should insist on painting primer when calculating accounts

3. For the choice of brushing method, it is recommended to choose roller coating for home decoration. Now many manufacturers send airless spraying, but the atomization of spraying may lead to the increase of coating dosage. Normally, 30% of the coating will be damaged. Of course, the effect of spraying is better than roller coating. If you are willing to spend money, then use spraying. In addition, when spraying, the master should adjust the caliber of the spray gun according to the product, otherwise if the atomization is serious, It will be a waste of materials. If there are rooms with different colors, it is also recommended to use roller coating. Spraying will pollute each other, unless protection is done, so manual work will be carried out again

video teaching of painting process of wood paint. Choice of paint:

there are many paint brands at present. I only propose to compare the popular brands in the market with my own favorite brands. Everyone chooses their own. I only say my own views, hoping not to hurt some manufacturers. The following views only represent personal views

several methods to choose: 1. Test report

2. Look at the samples, including smelling the taste and looking at the brushing effect

3. Calculate the total cost. All kinds of products are 1 liter, and the brushing area of different brands is also different. You'd better calculate the total cost according to the brushing area of the products

list of wall coating brands: Fenlin, Dufang, Xuanwei, master, Dulux, Laiwei, Nippon Paint, China Resources paint

among these brands, first of all, I suggest that if you are Chinese, I hope you don't buy Nippon Paint. There are two reasons. First, Nippon is a Japanese brand. Every time I see the pot of Nippon Paint, I feel that it is filled with the blood of our ancestors. You can say that it is history, but it is true that the Japanese militarists have slaughtered countless unarmed Chinese surnames. As long as the Yasukuni shrine is still being visited and the Japanese government has no intention of repentance, I suggest all Chinese, Don't buy Nippon Paint with our Chinese blood. Second: the product quality of Nippon Paint is not good. It can only be said that it is generally inferior. Many products are not cost-effective. If you want to be cheaper, I suggest you buy domestic products. The quality difference is not big, such as China Resources

among the above brands, I personally like Dufang's products best. Fenlin's products are also good. I don't like masters. Dufang paint is a German product, and its biggest advantage is environmental protection. The manufacturer is a German family enterprise, and it is the top three brand in Germany (it seems that the first is elephant, but I haven't seen it sold in China, and its feature is that it has a full product line). It has been certified by German blue angel environmental protection for 20 years (blue angel doesn't know?) - *...%...%, Check online by yourself, which is the most stringent environmental protection certification in the world at present). At present, most of the products sold in China are imported from Germany, and they all have blue angel logo. I've seen the test report of the product, and the VOC of its product is about 2-8, which is very low. The best product of other brands is about 30, and Dufang is basically about 5-6 of theirs. It's the best product I've seen so far. In Europe, this product is also famous for environmental protection, and its paint film effect is also very good, which is comparable to Fenlin. The comprehensive cost is about 12-25 yuan/square meter (different product lines, price differences). There are old people and children at home, It is recommended that imported products be preferred

Fenlin is also a European brand, and its product has good use characteristics, including various paint film effects and expressiveness; Laiwei lacquer is known as a paint film with silk effect, but it is not as good as Fenlin. Fenlin is also a famous brand in Europe. At present, the products sold in China are also imported products. Not all products have blue angel certification. When buying, recognize the products and have a look at the test report of the corresponding products

master is a brand under PPG. PPG is a strong paint supplier, but master is basically unknown in the United States. In the United States, it is Xuanwei's world, so if you like American brands, buy Xuanwei. One of Xuanwei's products has obtained Blue Angel certification, but I haven't seen it in China. Master paint claims to have the most complete colors. In fact, each brand can call out the colors it needs. In addition, master's imported products are not sold well in the United States. The so-called gold medal series, hehe, please check the American website yourself. Its product quality can only be said to be generally superior. The price is 15-30 yuan/square meter, which is relatively high (imported products, I don't mean domestic OEM products)

duluxpro is a mid-range product. Its product line is very wide, and its best product quality is OK, but it can't reach the quality of imported products. The product with the best VOC value is about 30. On the whole, its products are not very standard, but they are not very outstanding. Its haolang series claims to make the house larger, but in fact, the effect of the paint film is better. After playing a concept, there are no other good advantages, The advantage is that you can buy it everywhere, the market channels are very good, and the price is moderate. The cost of a single square meter is about 9-20 yuan

Laiwei paint is now a company with Dulux. Aksu has bought back ICI. Laiwei paint is also produced domestically. Its product quality is general. I personally feel that it is not as good as Dulux. Its product line price comparison is complex, high, medium and low, and environmental protection is general. All its reports are written with VOC lower than 80. I have not seen its detailed report (don't give me: (), which is known as the world's largest paint supplier, But the group above them is Aksu. Its strength lies in the industrial and chemical fields. The wall paint is not big, which is a bit confusing. The quality of the paint film of its products is OK, not bad. The price is moderate, not cheap

China Resources is a domestic product. Its product quality is average. Its VOC is lower than 80. It is airless spraying. If you want to save costs and don't pay much attention to environmental protection, it can be used, which is cheaper than Nippon

to sum up: if you focus on environmental protection, it is recommended to use European brands, and German Dufang paint is the first choice

to save energy, Dulux

want to buy cheap addresses from China Resources

, please find them online by yourself

I found that you don't understand VOC very well. I'll post some knowledge about VOC for you to learn. The text

voc refers to the weight of organic volatiles contained in 1 liter of paint, while TVOC refers to the weight of organic volatiles contained in water removed substances in 1 liter of paint. At present, the volume solid content of most interior wall coatings is about





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