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The fragrance of the countryside lingers in it. It is so beautiful and elegant, which brings infinite natural flavor to people. The fragrance of flowers is refreshing and brings infinite vitality to you. The beautiful sun slowly rises, shining brilliantly and brilliantly

Grammy creates your own rural home style, bringing you unlimited enjoyment of natural life. The beautiful mood is matched with a fresh and natural breath, giving people a natural breath. In this bustling city, having your own rural life will bring you this beautiful home life

lush and elegant Begonia flowers smile on the branches; The gorgeous and beautiful Phalaenopsis is graceful; The rich and elegant peony flower also changed its previous posture. The designer skillfully processed the color of the flower to make the flower shape more gorgeous and lifelike. The use of pink, purple, silver, orange, light green and other colors makes the idyllic style of "flower store" more rich

in terms of material and technology, "flow store" uses non-woven paper as raw material, and uses embossing process to print patterns on environmental friendly rubber surface. This kind of printing technology makes the surface of wallpaper present a slight three-dimensional feeling, which gives people a natural and smooth sense of reality in terms of vision and touch. Collocation with rural rattan furniture, light colored simple European furniture, new Chinese furniture, etc. can make you forget the noise of the city and feel the fragrance of natural flowers and plants

the colorful flowers show different affections in this white background. Instead of the enchanting and colorful figure, they are more elegant and colorful flowers that belong to them. They do not give people a sense of flashiness, but more of a relaxed and fresh breath, which makes the natural style linger

Grammy creates a new life for you, lets you walk in this beautiful countryside, and gives you the enjoyment of your heart. Such a beautiful life lies in Grammy. There are always some unexpected beauties in life that catch you by surprise, so it's better to feel its beauty quietly like this





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