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Last year, the hottest word in the work of aluminum alloy doors and windows was "Internet", which entered all walks of life with a destructive trend, setting off a wind of transformation. In a flash, 2016 is coming. Under the background of the national flag of environmental protection, if the door and window factory wants to seize the opportunity and smoothly transform in the new year, it must adjust its strategic deployment in time to adapt to the current situation

I. personnel profitability is missing

by 2015, it can be admitted that China's personnel profitability has been completed. This change has brought unprecedented testing to the operation of traditional industries. According to a news report, "Foshan door and window factory can't recruit employees, so long as it's one person", and such a dilemma is not only in Foshan, but also in many manufacturing jobs across the country, because the completion of personnel profitability means that the cost of human resources continues to rise, directly increasing the operating cost and affecting the production management. Aluminum alloy doors and windows is just a human resource intensive industry, The completion of personnel profits will directly affect the livelihood of this work

second, the high pressure of environmental protection policy

Chai Jing's under the dome shows us the possibility of China's future innovation, and the environment will be the first priority. China's environmental management has reached the time to have to change. As a high pollution and high energy consumption aluminum alloy doors and windows work will be the main goal of this rectification. With the tightening of environmental management costs and policies, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers must invest more resources and funds in environmental protection to clean production, which will directly increase investment and operation costs. In this process, many companies will be directly bound by the policy and directly close down and withdraw from the mall. However, companies that have difficulties in making a living now have to invest in new regulations and environmental protection, which will be a dilemma

there is no doubt that the economic development path of China's new normal will be dominated by environmental protection and greening, and the relevant handling methods and regulations on environmental management will become more and more severe. For aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers, this is only the beginning

third, the shrinkage of shopping malls is inevitable

because the shrinkage of real estate in the first and second tier cities and speculative shopping malls have directly reduced the sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows products, and the reduction in demand of aluminum alloy doors and windows shopping malls caused by the shrinkage of real estate is a hard injury that is extremely difficult to recover

in addition, the lack of strategic thinking is a common feature of most aluminum alloy door and window companies. When talking with multiple traditional companies, when the word strategy is mentioned, it seems that it is impossible to see any strategic purpose with strategic meaning in their companies. In fact, many companies still have a blank understanding of strategic thinking, and more of them regard the tactical thinking of work managers as strategic thinking

if a company has no systematic strategic thinking, all its practices can only deal with the present and do the present work. There is no real development attitude that can be determined about the future. Because there is no systematic strategic thinking, in other words, it is a company without central value and competitiveness

the development of any company must follow the principle of profit normalization, but the profits of many second and third tier brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows have been in an abnormal situation, and even the embarrassing situation of losing money. What is the value and meaning of this? The results of the company can only wait for death

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