How to do a good job in the design of small houses

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At present, small houses are becoming more and more popular, which are considered by some independent young people, and are also the favorite of single men and women and newlyweds. The small house type knows from the name that its space will not be too large. If it is not well designed during decoration, the room will not look messy, and there is no place to step on. Small house type and large space is an eternal theme, so how to carry out the decoration design of small house type? In the eyes of some people, small houses are difficult to display. Just brush the wall, get the floor or lay bricks. In fact, through careful design and layout, small houses can also create another world and make people look at it with admiration. The key is how to create it. Therefore, in response to the needs of netizens, home network Suzhou station “ Decorate the University ” It will open on February 9, 2012 “ How to do a good job in small house design ” Course, teach netizens to decorate their humble homes beautifully, and try their best to help netizens solve the problem of small house decoration. The time of this activity is from 18:00 to 20:00 on the same day, and the location of the activity is the second floor of lijingyuan, No. 636 Ganjiang East Road. The decoration university aims to help small house owners solve three major problems: how to design small houses, how to arrange the layout reasonably, and how to install small houses economically. With the rising house prices, it is very difficult for young people to buy a large house at one time. Small houses are favored by young people, and the era of humble abode has officially arrived. The area of small houses is small. Even if the price per unit area is high, the total price is not too outrageous, and many young people can afford it. For small houses, the owner should make sure that although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs. As long as the space is fully utilized, it can also meet the dream of living in peace. In order to manage small houses well, we must first have a planning and design as a whole to achieve the purpose of efficient use of space. Even small houses belong to a complete living unit. Usually, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms should be provided, and the living room and dining room should preferably use the same area comprehensively. After adjustment according to the specific situation, a basic blueprint will be formed, and the space utilization of small houses will have better guidance, which can basically achieve the purpose of efficient space utilization. There is no doubt that the decoration principle of small houses is to make full use of indoor space. Because the living area of small house type is relatively small, a room may include various functional activities such as living, receiving, storage, and learning, which not only meet people's living needs, but also make the room not messy, which requires a full and reasonable layout of the living space. Clever use of limited space to make this space play a greater role is a good design concept, so that the space can be saved to the greatest extent. For example, the corners of many rooms are very irregular, how to solve it? A clever dressing table is designed and built near the window, which has more sufficient light, strong practicality and aesthetics, and also shows the personality of the owner. After completing the overall planning of the space, you have a spectrum of what is the focus of decoration and how to arrange it. At this time, it is particularly important to choose high-quality and low-cost decoration materials and excellent decoration companies. How can we keep the high price down? First of all, it is natural to have a clear purchase budget. With a budget, you don't have to worry about inconsistent styles, styles, and sizes when you go to online shopping stores with physical stores. The website also provides you with one-stop services, from free room measurement to free design of renderings, first to see the effect, then to purchase, and then to free delivery and installation. The price is not only saved, but also more worry free. Many homeowners read it online for a long time before decoration and found that the same house uses the same materials. Why does it cost less to decorate than I do? Later I realized that waste is a big factor. For example, when choosing ceramic tiles, some homeowners tend to choose the so-called latest technology products with loud brands and high advertising frequency, regardless of whether their own design style is suitable for these materials. In fact, comparing the products of decoration cases, we will find that, in fact, the new products are high-end products of large brands. The cost performance of the new products is certainly not as high as the classic products, and the performance is not as stable as the classic products. Still have a headache for the decoration of small houses? Come and join the course of decoration University. Come and let your small apartment achieve a variety of space styles. What a home is like is up to you the final say! Are you excited about the two-hour course, the value-added experience, and the practical knowledge of soft packaging? Move quickly




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