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[Erica's whole house customization] there is a sentence in Li Yu's "leisure to send a couple" written by the Qing Dynasty writer: in a hundred years of life, the day is half and the night is half. It can be seen that the bedroom is the best space for people to rest and be alone. It should have the characteristics of quiet and warm, abandon redundant decoration, and make the bedroom more spacious and comfortable

after working all day, only the bedroom can stretch and relax our body and mind. Lie on a comfortable and soft bed

the bedroom is simple, clean and comfortable. It is mainly white in large area. It is equipped with pillows and decorative paintings with high-grade powder in the popular color system of 18 years, which is warm and emotional

the background wall at the bedside of the bedroom is light grayish green, with dark blue bedside backrest and plain bedding. The softness of ink decorative painting leads to a quiet and leisurely comfort

the ceiling of the bedroom is connected with the wall with ordinary blue emulsion paint, and the bedroom and bathroom are connected with indoor windows. With the overall white wall, it is particularly open and bright

the light blue decorative panels and curtains on the background wall at the head of the bedroom have laid an elegant blue tone

dark green big bed with overhead bedside table, golden elements enhance texture

the specially raised door opening extends almost to the top of the head, which is visually narrower and wider, making the whole bedroom more comfortable and spacious, and the space is not cramped at all.

the bedroom, elegant curtains and accessories, small green plants, wood colored floors and high texture of furniture make the space filled with a quiet and warm atmosphere

the white and pink walls of the bedroom are very atmospheric. Coupled with the wooden twill herringbone floor, it is very fashionable and high-end





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