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Ranking list of market value of listed printing companies in 2019! And those non "printing" factors that influence the rise and fall of market value

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core tip: by the end of the transaction on December 31, 2019, the total market value of a shares had reached 59.31 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.82%; The Shanghai stock index rose 22.30% in the whole year, the best in the past five years; The Shenzhen Composite Index rose 44.08% in the whole year, the best in recent 10 years; The growth enterprise market index rose 43.79% in the whole year, the best in the past four years

in the past 2019, Sino US trade frictions have been ups and downs, domestic economic growth has been high before and low after, and the market capital pressure has increased unprecedentedly. In the chaos and panic of listed companies, a shares unexpectedly achieved their best performance in the past four years

each true manuscript will be serially published on the company's website. It is reported that by the end of the transaction on December 31, 2019, the total market value of a shares has reached 59.31 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.82%; The Shanghai stock index rose 22.30% in the whole year, the best in the past five years; The Shenzhen Composite Index rose 44.08% in the whole year, the best in recent 10 years; The growth enterprise market index rose 43.79% in the whole year, the best in the past four years

for the printing circle, 2019 is a year of mixed happiness and sorrow in the capital market: when longlide and Zhongrong printing passed through the IPO twice without success, Jinshi technology, dashengda and Jiamei packaging were listed in March, July and December respectively, adding vitality to the listed companies in the circle

the entry of new forces, coupled with the good performance of existing listed companies, makes 2019 a bumper year for the market value of Listed Companies in the circle: the market value of 3 new listed companies is considerable, and most of the 28 existing listed companies have increased, with an overall increase of nearly 1/4

for the bosses who hold huge shares of listed companies, 2019 is obviously a year of accelerated wealth appreciation. You know: among the 28 companies, 3 have doubled their market value within one year

after all, let's take a closer look at the market value ranking of listed printing companies in 2019 and the performance of each company

Yutong leads the way. Before the official opening, the four companies that have exceeded 10 billion yuan should first explain: 31 companies in the circle listed on a shares are included in the ranking this time, excluding Hong Kong listed companies; The "2019 market value" mentioned in the text refers to the total market value of each listed company at the closing of a shares as of December 31, 2019

compared with 2018, three newly listed companies, namely, golden time technology, dashengda and Jiamei packaging, were added to the list in 2019, and Haishun new material, which is mainly engaged in flexible packaging, was included in the list for the first time

it should be noted that after careful consideration, the three good students decided to remove the Enjie shares that occupy the top place on the 2018 list from the list from this year. This is because: with the accelerated transfer of business focus to lithium battery isolation film, the correlation between the market value of Enjie shares and the printing business is getting lower and lower

after all, what is the market value performance of listed printing companies in 2019

let's look at the total number first: as of December 31, the total market value of 31 listed printing companies was 180.171 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.30% of the total market value of a shares. Does it seem that the proportion is somewhat low? In fact, it is basically equivalent to the 0.33% share of the printing industry in GDP in 2018

the three good students calculated that the average market value of 31 companies was 5.812 billion yuan, much lower than the average level of A-share listed companies. What is more surprising is that only 12 of the 31 companies have market capitalization above the average, accounting for less than 40%

after moving Enjie shares out of the list, the top of the list in 2019 belongs to Yutong technology, a big man in the circle, with a market value of 23.287 billion yuan. Yutong is also the only listed company on the list with a market value of more than 20billion yuan

next to Yutong, Jinjia Co., Ltd., a big man in cigarette package printing, ranks second. In 2019, Jinjia's share price experienced a sharp rise, and its market value once surpassed Yutong. After some ups and downs, the closing market value was 16.714 billion yuan

in addition, there are two companies whose market value has changed at a rate of more than 10billion yuan, both of which are tin printing enterprises: on December 2, Jiamei packaging, which went public, ended up with a market value of 11.355 billion yuan, ranking third; The market value of Origen, an old listed company, declined to 10.387 billion yuan, ranking the fourth, losing out to the newcomers in the same industry

Jiyou Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Co., Ltd., the two cigarette packet printing enterprises, have a market value of 9.394 billion yuan and 9.007 billion yuan respectively, ranking fifth and sixth

both the revenue and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company (hereinafter referred to as "net profit") are not in the same order of magnitude as that of Jiyou, which has a market value higher than 387million yuan, which surprised Sanhao

ranking list of market value of listed printing companies in 2019 (unit: RMB 100 million)

meiyingsen, which is hot and frequently photographed in 2019, has a market value of RMB 8.131 billion, ranking seventh; Jinshi technology, a cigarette package printing enterprise listed in March, ranks eighth with a market value of RMB 706 million

the market value of Donggang shares, which is used as bills, is almost the same as that of Shunhao shares, which is used as cigarette packaging materials: one is RMB 6.794 billion and the other is RMB 6.785 billion, ranking ninth and tenth respectively

da Shengda, a carton enterprise listed in July, ranks 11th with a market value of 5.945 billion yuan; Jihong shares, which attacked from all sides, has a market value of 5.894 billion yuan, ranking 12th

of the 19 companies whose market value is lower than the average, two are above 5billion yuan: the old listed companies Zijiang enterprise and the tin can making enterprise Shengxing shares, which are 5.718 billion yuan and 5.116 billion yuan respectively

there are 7 companies with a market value between 3billion and 5billion yuan. Among them, Yongxin Co., Ltd., a leader in flexible packaging, was 4.895 billion yuan; Hexing packaging, the first printing enterprise with 10 billion yuan in China, was 4.701 billion yuan; Baosteel packaging, an iron printing can making enterprise, amounted to 4.225 billion yuan; In 2019, Hongbo shares and Jielong Industry, both of which reported that major shareholders intended to withdraw and faced the change of actual controller, were RMB 3.319 billion and RMB 3.294 billion respectively. In addition, EVA shares and Yongji shares were 3.164 billion yuan and 3.110 billion yuan respectively

there are 10 companies with a market value of less than 3billion yuan, one less than that in 2018. Among them, there are 4 companies with a market value of less than 2billion yuan: new Hongze, Haishun new material, aiskai and priyson, with a market value of 1.934 billion yuan, 1.891 billion yuan, 1.524 billion yuan and 1.519 billion yuan respectively. In the A-share market, these companies are typical small cap stocks

3 companies doubled, with an overall growth of over 24%

for listed companies, in addition to the absolute value, the direction and speed of market value change are also very important. However, as the boss of a listed company, few people do not want the market value to continue to rise steadily. Because the increase or decrease of the market value is not only related to the market's judgment of the company's prospects, but also closely related to the wealth value of the bosses

2019, with the improvement of the overall market, the overall market value of Listed Companies in the circle has rebounded significantly compared with 2018. In addition to 3 newly listed companies, the market value of 28 existing listed companies increased by 24.12% to 155.865 billion yuan

among the 28 companies, 20 have increased their market value and only 8 have declined, in sharp contrast to the general decline in 2018

among the 20 companies with an upward market value, another 3 soared sharply and doubled their market value within one year, which is quite amazing

among them, Shun Hao, whose share price soared once with the concept of "industrial marijuana", once reached a market value peak of nearly 15.2 billion yuan on April 18. Since then, as the share price fell, the closing market value of Shun Hao shares was finally fixed at RMB 6.785 billion. Even so, it was still up 153.83% from RMB 2.673 billion in 2018

the market value of Jiyou shares, which is not obvious in the field of cigarette packet printing, rose by 115.36%. The main driving force behind this may be its new e-cigarette business

in recent years, the market value of Jihong shares, which has achieved soaring performance by virtue of cross-border e-commerce and Internet advertising business, has soared by 102.61%, and a series of layouts since its listing have finally been reflected in the share price

in addition, the market value of five companies increased by more than 40%. Two small market value companies, Haishun new material and global printing, increased by 71.44% and 50.25% respectively; Yongxin shares, the leader of flexible packaging, increased by 48.15%

Yutong Technology Co., Ltd. and Jinjia Co., Ltd., which occupy the top two places in the market value ranking, have increased significantly on the basis of high base, with an increase of 45.33% and 43.16% respectively

changes in the market value of listed printing companies in 2019 (unit: RMB 100 million)

six companies increased by 20%-40%. Donggang shares, a leading bill printing company and an early participant in the blockchain concept, increased by 32.00%; Jielong Industry, which is facing the change of major shareholders, increased by 31.81%

the growth rates of Chengtian Weiye, Baosteel packaging, Chuangyuan culture and aiskai are all between 20% and 30%

there are also 6 companies with an increase of between%. Prinsen, which suffered from operating difficulties in the past two years, increased by 19.89%; Meiyingsen, with constant hot spots and frequent appearances, had an unexpected growth rate of only 14.18%; Dongfeng shares, Xianggang technology, xinhongze and Zijiang enterprises increased by 14.08%, 11.52%, 6.21% and 3.57% respectively

among the companies whose market value fell, 4 companies fell by less than 10%: Shaanxi Jinye, Hexing packaging, evergreen shares and Hongbo shares. Among them, the decline of Hexing and EVA slightly surprised the three good students: the former first broke 10 billion in revenue in 2018, while the latter became the largest shareholder of Heidelberg, a global printing machine giant, in january2019

there were 4 companies with a decline of more than 10%: two can making giants of iron printing, Origen and Shengxing, fell by 12.84% and 15.31% respectively; Shengtong shares, a combination of publication printing and education, fell by 18.86%; Yongji shares, a cigarette package printing enterprise, fell by 22.79%, with the largest decline

apart from Origen, which may be affected by the dispute over red bull's Chinese brand, the three good students did not understand why the other three companies fell

from the perspective of absolute value change of market value, Yutong, Jinjia, Jiyou, Shunhao and Jihong contributed the most, respectively: 7.263 billion yuan, 5.039 billion yuan, 5.032 billion yuan, 4.112 billion yuan and 2.985 billion yuan

org, Shengxing, Yongji and Shengtong all reduced by more than 500million yuan, respectively: 1 timing interruption of 530million yuan, 925million yuan, 918million yuan and 600million yuan

the non "printing" factors that influence the rise and fall of market value

have been making rankings for four years. The three good students think that the market value can generally reflect the strength of a listed company and its position in the industry

for example, Yutong, Jinjia, Dongfeng and org, which have a solid business and profit base, have ranked top for four consecutive years; The enterprises at the bottom of the list also remained basically stable. At the same time, there is an obvious gap between the top and bottom of the list in terms of revenue scale and profitability

however, the market value changes of some listed companies in the circle in 2019 seem to be largely influenced by some non "printing" main business factors. The impact of these factors on the market value, to a certain extent, has affected the changes in the middle tier ranking of the list

for example, Shunhao shares, with the largest increase in market value, was honored as "the first share of industrial marijuana" because it announced on January 16 that its subsidiaries had obtained the license for industrial marijuana cultivation in Yunnan Province. In February, due to the signing of cooperation agreements with relevant parties, the concept of e-cigarette came into being

"industrial marijuana + electronic cigarette", Shunhao shares, which integrates two popular concepts, rose by the limit for a time

in addition, Jiyou shares and Jinjia shares, whose share price once soared, also benefited from the concept of e-cigarette. Yongji shares, whose share price rose at the bottom, announced in early November that

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