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Liquor packaging will change to green and simple

the initial function of packaging is container to hold, protect products and facilitate circulation. With the development of the commodity society, the competitive direction of liquor enterprises has been biased, and the packaging concept has gradually changed. Especially for high-end luxury liquor, the packaging cost accounting for more than 30% of the total cost can be made into transparent lampshades, illuminators, car reflectors, etc., which not only adds a heavy burden to enterprises, but also suffers from consumer criticism

in response to this problem, the Ministry of Commerce recently issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the management of alcohol circulation during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The opinions put forward that it is necessary to promote the liquor circulation enterprises to thoroughly implement the national standards such as the requirements for restricting excessive packaging of commodities, not to purchase or sell over packaged liquor commodities, give play to the leading role of the circulation link in production and consumption, lead the control punch to rise at an even rate, guide the liquor production enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, implement green packaging, and advocate consumers to buy appropriately packaged liquor commodities

it is not difficult to see that rational marketing will be the key to the transformation of wine packaging to green and simple. When drinking Baijiu, you should drink quality instead of luxury packaging. As long as the quality is good, even if the plain face is up to the sky, the sales will continue to rise. Simplifying packaging is a road that the Baijiu industry must take, and it is also the future development direction of Baijiu. The hot sale of bottled wine gives us a good enlightenment

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