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A high-capacity injection liquid package zouxinping recalled the package

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] a high-capacity injection liquid package

[applicant] Yan Bin

[inventor] Meng Meilong

[address of the main applicant] 570216 No. C01, Haikou Free Trade Zone, Haikou City, Hainan Province

[application No.] 7

[application date] November 11, 2005

[approval Announcement No.] 179235 if oil leakage is found, 5

[approval announcement date] June 28, 2006

[main classification No.] a61j1/10 (2006.01) i

[classification No.] a61j1/10 (the friction between moving parts will increase 2006.01) i

[sovereignty item] 1. A soft bag package of large capacity injection solution, which is improved on the basis of current use, The storage space containing the therapeutic ingredient powder is increased, and the extrusion edge is made between the two areas of the drug solution and the powder storage space to separate the new nylon technology scale. Before extrusion, it is not allowed to collude with each other and leak. Only when in use, the extrusion edge is separated from the top and bottom by squeezing with both hands, and the liquid medicine and powder contact and dissolve each other

[cd-rom no. of instruction] d

[Abstract] it is a kind of soft bag packaging of large capacity injection liquid, which can contain both liquid and powder with therapeutic ingredients. During clinical use, the squeezing edge is separated from the top and bottom by squeezing with both hands, so that the liquid medicine can be directly dissolved with the therapeutic component powder in the package without contact with the external environment, so as to avoid doctors' mistakes and the possibility of secondary pollution

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