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Lipu Paper Co., Ltd. plans a new pulp production line in June, 2001, Guangxi Lipu Paper Co., Ltd. will put into production a new 50000 ton/year vermicelli paperboard machine. Now, the company is eager to raise funds to build a new pulp production line, which will use local cork as raw material

Lipu paper is located 100 kilometers south of Guilin. The new paperboard machine costs 55million yuan. The production speed is 350 meters/minute when the workbench and upper beam are pushed upward, and the width is 2.64 meters. The paperboard machine was built by the paper machine company of Shanghai Electric Group and can be built for another term. Thermo black clapson provided the raw material preparation system. Zhangfangde, general manager of the company, said that the paperboard machine will use 70-75% of the imported old corrugated boxes (OCC) and 20-25% of the unbleached kraft pulp for long-term clinical use, which also exposes many problems as raw materials. The weight of the produced paperboard is between 126-175gsm. President Zhang has recently visited several American suppliers, but has not yet made a choice for the supplier of the waste paper beater worth 6million yuan

Lipu paper will be listed in the near future. It hopes to raise 100million yuan from the stock market for the pulp project. The wood pulp production line with an annual output of 50000 will use the southern pine planted within 150 kilometers of the local area as the raw material. Mr. Zhang said that as the fuel of local residents has changed from wood to natural gas, the supply of primary fiber is not a problem. At present, the factory has a pulp production line with an annual output of 30000 tons and a waste paper beater with an annual output of 30000 tons, which supplies materials for six small paper machines and produces ox cards, imitation ox cards and paper cores. President Zhang said, "we sold 36000 tons of vermicelli paperboard this year, with a revenue of 130million yuan." In the third quarter of this year, the sharp fall in the price of vermicelli board made it more profitable to sell pulp, but Mr. Zhang insisted on producing vermicelli board. He said: "if we stop producing paperboard and sell pulp instead, it will be easy to double the net profit. But we are not willing to risk losing existing paperboard users."

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